Peruvian hairless dog
Perro sin pelo del Peru

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About us

Welcome, on the website of the kennel PERUANO
We are into breeding Peruvian hairless dogs. The breeding capacities of the particular breed had been rather limited until recently and therefore we imported bitch from France - both parents are imported from Peru. Our foremost goal is to breed healthy dogs. The exterior - compact elegant dog, rightdown hairless dog.
We are planning very interesting breeding-connections.

The first dog ARON OD ZATOKY came to our place in 1997. Yes, he came, because he has choosen us. We came to look at puppies to Hostivice and five little savages rushed at us. Aron romped only around me, he gnawed my bag, dress and when he was tired, he fell asleep in my arms. The decision was made. Within week he was at our place.
I don´t know already, who said the idea having a companion for him as the first. Fatality was playing with us. Since our decision had been made any dog hasn't been born in the Czech republic. Until March 2000 when the first puppies of Aron were born - two hairless boys and one coated boy. In the begining of June, we took home dog BLUE BERRY SLEZSKY SEN. Beside Beruska, as we call him at home, we met nice breeder and friend.
In 2003 our pack enlarged with longed-for peruvian girl Calista - UQLLU CALISTA DE BODHISATTVA. She came to our place from France. Both parents come from Peru. Calista is very lively, she takes after her parents character. Calista and Berrry are big friends. Aron looks after them not to be too noughty.
When Calista was registered to the breeding register, I asked for the registration of kennel PERUANO.
In December 2005 the first litter od peruvian hairless dog of big size was born in our kennel. The only hairless female from the litter stayed with us – Alma. Alpamayo was given back because of alergic reaction of his new owner. He was so happy to come back that we could not find him a new home. My husbands dream came true - he had a big dog. Alpamayo has a height of 59 cm.
In 2006 I began to look for unrelative male for our females. I asked a breeder in Peru. After more than year of waiting my big dream came true. In May 2007 Canchis Itarom came flying from Peru.
In 2007 Lenka passed in SVOPAP course „Breeding, training and grooming of dogs“.
Each dog is different and has its own charm. Who once get to know magic of Peruvian hairless dog, loves the breed forever.

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